Tri-Fin is a leading provider of finishing solutions in Chicago's northwest suburbs. Serving manufacturers in a broad spectrum of industries, Tri-Fin is the go-to source for powder coating, liquid paint and industrial finishing.




The silk screening process provides finishing elements such as lettering, logos, detailing and customization to  finished products. Tri-Fin is equipped to handle any imprint or detailing needed.        MORE

Liquid painting is used on parts that can't be heated or that need a thin paint finish or a specific color. Liquid finishes offer specialty coating options and primers important to some components.    MORE

Powder coating provides a high-quality, durable finish on metal and steel products. It is commonly used on products for architectural, machinery, automotive and many other industries.     MORE


Tri-Fin also offers an extensive list of specialty services, including large machine and fixture finishing, wrapping, palleting, and much more.   MORE

Abrasive blasting is used to finish, clean or prepare metals and other products using a variety of media and blasting machines.    MORE

The process of masking controls the application of both powder and liquid finishes–preventing the finish from interfering with important functional features of a product. MORE




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